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Startup Frustration

It’s frustrating when things just aren’t working in a startup. It’s frustrating, because you’re investing so

Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha — it was brand new to me. 20 slides. 20 pictures. 20 seconds each.

Everything is Temporary

“Daddy, can I crash it?” My three-year-old was holding a blue lego truck, we’d just built.

Startup Superpowers

My response fell flat. “Oh, uhh interesting,” said the hiring manager. “Yeah, we’d test all kinds

The Courage To Fail

I, like many of you, chose a high-risk career path — a path statistically skewed towards

The 3 Types of Startup Problems

Startups are inundated with problems. The “alarm bells” constantly ring. Before product-market fit, you’re trying to

Competing with Spreadsheets

Supply Chain tech products (generally)compete against spreadsheets… …not other software products. Buying a tech product often

Morgan Housel

I started reading Morgan Housel‘s newsletter in March 2019. He’s one of my favorite thinkers and writers.

Series-A Product Roadmaps

When a startup raises a Series A,nearly everything changes. Take product roadmaps for example. For the

My son had RSV

My little guy came down with RSV this week. Nighttimes were the worst. Two year olds