Shipping features on-time gets downplayed in some Product circles.

They argue outcomes > outputs.

But, predictability gives you “4 Unfair Advantages” as a growth-stage startup…

1. The Scale Advantage
Predictability is foundational for scale. As a startup matures, each department builds its ‘functional engine’. Product is no exception.

2. The Confidence Advantage
It builds confidence in customers, leadership, sales teams, partners, board members, and the product/dev team itself.

3. The Efficiency Advantage
It’s reduces the black hole of Work-in-Progress.

4. The Strategy Advantage
Most importantly, it enables strategic decision making. If you can “call a shot” and “make a shot”, you can strategically plan and execute in a way most teams can’t match.

In Series A startups, I’ve never regretted making predictability a top 3 priority. It’s a major place you can add value by laying the ground work for strategy and scale.

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