AI Products require a “Design for Adoption” strategy.

5 ways we avoid adoption failure 👇

1. ROI requires user adoption

Are you thinking “No duh, captain obvious”?

Good, you should.

My response: our actions > our knowledge

No usage, no ROI — it’s that simple. Are we behaving like this is true? Or is adoption an afterthought?

Step 1 👉 Make it a priority.

2. B2B users don’t pick their products

We’ve known this for years.

Are we designing our products like it’s true?

Do we design products that teach WHY the product is important and maybe even cool? Are we helping users care? We can, if we choose to.

Step 2 👉 Help users care.

3. Training ≠ Adoption

Also a well known point.

Training is a jumpstart tool, not an adoption strategy. Relying on training is a head fake. Our product designs need to go deeper.

TurboTax is a perfect of example of a training-less product experience. They take the complexity of taxes and make it accessible to any adult.

Step 3 👉 Look beyond training.

4. Customers need to share ownership for adoption and change management.

However, we must arm them with messaging, best practices and reporting to do so.

Are your customers equipped to be a true partner in adoption?

Step 4 👉 Enable customer ownership.

5. World class adoption models exist.

Adoption isn’t illusive, it simply takes focus and commitment.

Companies like Khoros have pioneered incredibly effective product coaching initiatives that drive product adoption.

Several Change Management models are available to be incorporated into our customer journeys.

Step 5 👉 Look for great models (they exist)