User adoption for B2B AI/Analytics can be hard, because users don’t pick their products.

Here are 7 reasons users struggle to adopt:

1. They don’t understand the prediction/analytics (it’s confusing)

2. They don’t trust the prediction/analytics (it doesn’t match their experience)

3. They don’t like change (it’s not the product, it’s change itself they’re resisting)

4. They don’t know how the new tool fits into their current business process (product-process integration)

5. It doesn’t solve THEIR problem (it solves an executive’s problem, but may make their job harder)

6. They don’t believe leadership is committed to the product (it’s just another fleeting pilot initiative)

7. They feel threatened, not empowered (the product appears to reduce their value, not increase their value)

Fortunately, these are all solvable.

Clearly diagnosing the challenges helps us build stronger products and customer journeys.

Try using this list to diagnose user adoption opportunities in your business this week.

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