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Sales gets a bad rap

Sales gets a bad rap in Product circles. I think they deserve our respect. Delivering revenue


I’m grateful for entrepreneurs. Grateful for their vision. Grateful for their sacrifice. Grateful for their grit

The “First Time” Tax

There’s a “first time tax” for every new data set, problem area, and modeling technique. Great

Product Alcatraz

Do your product strategies start out too complicated? Mine do. 🙋‍♂️ Think of complexity like Alcatraz.

Occam’s Razor

Occam’s Razor. The longer you build data products, the more you realize how true (and important)

“Doing AI”

Gone are the days of simply ‘doing AI’. Leaders expect AI strategies leading to real value.

Product by Stage

Seed >>  make it work Series A >>  make it better Seed >>  plan in weeks/months

Problems Left Unsolved

Users had highlighted MULTIPLE feature gaps. After months of effort, I felt defeated. Then one of

Old Feature Innovation

There’s nothing wrong with “old feature innovation” if that’s what drives impact. Customers need to actually