It’s Springtime in Austin. Winter’s gone.

We’re grilling on the patio every few days. I’ve swapped out the winter-weather bourbons for citrus-y IPAs. We’re enjoying the longer days and playing backyard sports with our three boys. We’ll head to our minor league baseball stadium this Saturday for a season-opening fan fest. It’s a good time.

Seasons change in startups too.

About every 3-6 months.

The company just feels different. The problems shift. The team dynamic is different after adding the latest batch of new hires. The customer base has fresh faces. You’re in a different phase of the fundraising cycle — either raising, deploying capital, or preparing to raise again.

This “change of seasons” applies to roles too. You likely have the same job title as last quarter, but odds are the job’s changed. You have to ask yourself, “What’s the most important thing I can focus on in the next 3 months”? Maybe it’s the same as the prior 3 months, but often it’s not.

Staying sane and effective in a startup is often a matter of anticipating and accepting the constant change.

Sense the changes and proactively adapt.

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