I started reading Morgan Housel‘s newsletter in March 2019.

He’s one of my favorite thinkers and writers.

Proof: I opened and read 95.3% of his 64 newsletters.

His latest article “Does Not Compute” talks about the limits of data.

And it’s good. He explains how data failed us at key points in history.

As someone who makes a living in the world of data, I love this abrupt yet honest take on how the world actually works. It’s the appropriate counterbalance to the enthusiasm and respect I show to my craft.

You see, Morgan is the type of person that can dive straight into the paradoxical realities of business, finance, human behavior, history and make sense of it. He doesn’t leave you with a neat and tidy framework. The explanation is less tidy, but richer and more truthful. He tells stories that paint the broad principles. We live in a world filled with paradoxes. Yet, I find myself better understanding the world as I read Morgan’s writing.

Give this article a try.


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