Prospects don’t like to change.

These are my two favorite Product Messaging frameworks for catalyzing change: 👇

Strategic Narrative by Andy Raskin. This is an adaptation on Category Design (i.e. Play Bigger), that I find more approachable and actionable. I’ve followed Andy for almost a year and look forward to his posts each week. He’s onto something big and its so relevant to supply chain startups.

Challenger Customer. This is a full sales and product messaging framework that addresses the realities of modern selling — especially when prospects are incentivized NOT to change. I was involved in Challenger training/coaching over several months. It tightened my approach to customer and product messaging. It’s intensive, but it’s good. Check out the book here.

Startups fight daily to overcome status quo — especially in supply chain.

Product Messaging is where impact and change starts. We can’t ignore it.