Pecha Kucha — it was brand new to me.

20 slides. 20 pictures. 20 seconds each.

Yet I stood there sharing my life story in a Friday-morning company meeting.

It felt strange at first. But then grew to love it.

It was how all new employees introduced themselves to the company.

This 6-minute storytelling framework allowed new team members to cover:

  • Personal history: family, college, hometown, etc. (5 slides)
  • Hobbies (5 slides)
  • Previous work experience (5 slides)
  • Plans/hopes/dreams for your new role (5 slides)

It connected us as humans, not just as coworkers. And it did it fast.

“Oh you’re into running too – when’s your next race?”

“Nice another board game fan – we really need to get a game night planned”

“You mentioned you’re into reading. What are you reading these days?”

You started getting to know people as people.

People brought their “whole self” to work.

And our work environment was richer, because of it.

Photo by Alex Litvin on Unsplash