Roadmapping blind to dev capacity…

It’s like starting a road trip without
knowing how much gas is in the tank.

You might make it.

Or you might end up stuck,
on the side of the road.


Many startup teams love to build product roadmaps, but don’t understand their dev capacity.

When this happens the product/ dev team will consistently under deliver. They’ll lose the confidence of the business. Customers will wonder why features are taking so long. Leadership will feel like they aren’t being strategic with the product.

And, in my experience, it comes down to truly understanding your dev capacity.

Once you know what you’re capable of delivering, you can start to be strategic again. You can call a shot and make the shot.


This can be hard for startups. They don’t have years of prior history/understanding of dev capacity. All they know is that they’ve 2-3x the size of the team and want to move faster.

So it’s important to ground everyone in what’s available to invest and how much we can do.

Actual capacity will often be much less than most people assume, but it will be reality. And this clarity is invaluable for making strategic decisions and building roadmaps.

It will allow you to “call the shot, make the shot”.

And it will save your team from perpetually under-delivering, giving you the opportunity to maintain credibility with the rest of the company.

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