My little guy came down with RSV this week.

Nighttimes were the worst. Two year olds just aren’t designed to sleep well with a cough and chest congestion. Thankfully he’s getting better.

But during this experience, I stumbled across some world-class product marketing.

Check out -> Vicks VapoPads

You slip them into a humidifier at night. The steam forms and the room smells like menthol. The menthol interacts with cold receptors in your nose and throat, and prevents coughing. Apparently, the medical history on this goes all the way back to the late 1800s.

But Vicks doesn’t mention any of this.

They just sell “12 nights of comfort.”

(If you’re a parent, that’s code for 12 nights of better sleep.)

When I picked these up, I wasn’t buying VapoPads or menthol. I didn’t really even care how it worked.

I was just buying comfort for my sick kid and a better night sleep for my wife and me.

Your and my customers aren’t too different.

They just want their problem solved.

Great product messaging gets straight to the outcome customers value most. We can save the details for the fine print on the back.

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