“Your job isn’t to change minds, it’s to change behavior.”

I can’t remember who made this quote, but they were talking to product leaders. Too often we as product leaders care about convincing people, when really we just need to foster healthy, productive behaviors in the business.

Especially as an early-stage product leader, you don’t want to spend too much time trying to convince founders or other department leaders to think like you. They won’t (that’s why they hired you 😉). It’s a fools errand that will leave you exhausted and empty handed.

That said, you can create policies, process, and operating rhythms that create the behaviors the business needs to create successful products. People can support and adopt those processes and policies without fully understanding or seeing the world the way you do. And that’s okay. Focus on the outputs you need, and don’t waste your time on battles you don’t need to fight.

Plus, we need and want a diversity of perspectives in the business — even if they’re not the same as ours.

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